Kayak Rentals

Capt. Mike's is now entering a new revolution of boating by added kayaks to their fleet. Offering spectacular views and memories never to be forgotten. If you're a beginner or advanced kayak paddler, we have a beautiful location for you to enjoy your day on the water.

Learn about the local habitat and the importance of the marshlands and our eco-system. There are typically many beautiful birds on your trip including nesting osprey. You will come to realize how important our Jersey wetlands really are.

Basic 2 hour tour includes kayak, guide and equipment. Please call in advance for your tour reservations and availability.

If your renting a kayak from us during your guided tour, we encourage you to remain paddling afterward at no extra charge.

All people going on kayak rentals or tours are offered a basic kayak lesson prior to going out on the water.

crestYou must call 24 hrs in advance of your tour to reserve.

Rental is $25 pp for a single and $40 for a double

Tours are $50 for the tour or $40 if you bring your own kayak(up to 2 people)

$40 for 3+ people - with kayak rental

$30 for 3+ people - bring your own kayak